President Overview


Let our dedicated team of leaders assist you with your questions and requests.


  • Provide positive leadership to all officers and members
  • Build a cohesive team and ensure all tasks are completed
  • Oversee and facilitate club meetings
  • Lead by example and treat all members fairly and equally
  • Hold yourself and other officers accountable
  • Be diplomatic in resolving conflict
  • Encourage participation in Distinguished Club Program
  • Ensure financial responsibility and accountability for club funds
  • Remain current with the Leader Letter
  • Represent club at district leadership and area council meetings
  • Be familiar with all aspects of the Addendum of Standard Club Options and Club Constitution

Skills Learned

  • Team building and delegation
  • Positive small group leadership
  • Organization and problem-solving
  • Organizing communities to accomplish a specific task or event
  • Critical thinking
  • Networking and relationship-building
  • Conflict management
  • Delivery of tactful and constructive feedback
  • Succession planning
  • Compliance with standard procedure

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