I am excited to serve as your PQD and lead our district education and training programs. 2 years ago, we all wondered into the wilderness of Covid-19 together, confused and thinking it would only be temporary however we’ve discovered that while I trek began together, each of us is left to figure out a way out on our own, but the beautiful thing is that when we finally emerge we are truly transformed; Covid-19 was our generations transformational moment; now together we will evolve into whatever we are meant to be.

My goal for this year is to not only have fun, but I want to help you get excited. I want all of us to find new ways to have exciting meetings; collaborate across divisions on ways to increase membership, collaborate with the district leaders by attending events outside of your club, and I want our new members to be as passionate about Toastmasters as I was when I first joined; I want that fire in them to be sparked by finding the value in Toastmasters beyond public speaking. I want to help our existing members rediscover the fiery passion they once had when they first joined. We are all writing a new District 44 Toastmasters history, future generations of Toastmasters will look towards us for guidance. Let’s leave them a district they can be proud of!

Evolution is about leaving our former selves behind and living life anew. This year my friends, we will all Evolve Together

Rod Alexander, DTM


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