Accredited Speaker Program

Are You Good Enough to Be Pro?

The Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Program is designed for professional speakers who combine expert knowledge in a particular subject with mastery of the spoken word, making them sought-after experts in their respective fields, helping you stand out from the competition by offering greater status, visibility and credibility.

The Accredited Speaker Program recognizes those Toastmasters members who have achieved a level of proficiency that enables them to be paid, professional speakers.

Program candidates progress through two levels of evaluation and are judged by a panel of professional speakers, where you must demonstrate your speaking abilities before a live audience. It is a rigorous, yet worthwhile process. Every candidate can pass.

List of Accredited Speakers
Accredited Speaker Application PDF
Accredited Speaker Next Step PDF
Accredited Speaker Rules PDF
Accredited Speaker Recommendation Form PDF
Accredited Speaker Judges Guide

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