•   District Governor
    Read Message From Parren Shannon DTM
  •   Lt Governor Education
    Lana McFarlane DTM
  •   Lt Governor Marketing
    Vicki Noethling DTM
  •   Public Relations Officer
    Deeptha Jayaratne DTM
  Quality Club Retention
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  Spread The Word
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  Aspire to inspire
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  District Judges Training
D44 Talk Radio
  90th Anniversary
90th Anniversary
  Holiday Gala
Holiday Gala 2014
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  Club Newsletters
Club Newsletters
  District Incentives
District Incentives
  District Map
District Map
  Mid Year TLI
  AG Tribute
Are Hero's Tribute
  1 st Club Charter
Tonia Rowlandx
  2nd Club Charter
Rex Arulx
  3rd Club Charter
Kari Evans DTM
  4th Club Charter
Are Heros
  5th Club Charter
Tonia Rowlandx
  6th Club Charter
Sheila M

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