Lana McFarlane 2015-2016Greetings District 44 Toastmasters.

I am honored to serve as your first District Director.

Ten years ago, my coworker appeared at my desk and asked me to be an Area Governor, which I declined due to the location of the clubs. But, he was persistent and kept coming back saying, “you can do this!” Eventually, I believed that “I can do this!” It changed the course of my life.  My journey as a Toastmaster began serving as a club Sergeant-at-Arms, culminating to serving as your District Director. All of you are personally familiar with this story because you have either been asked or you asked someone to serve as a leader.

Supporting six clubs helped develop my leadership, communication and listening skills. I didn’t notice how I had changed, but my manager did.  He saw improvements in how I facilitated our business conference calls and face to face meetings.

You never know what impact your words will have on someone. You could change their life professionally, personally or socially. In Toastmasters, we’re taught to communicate effectively. But, how well do we listen to the words being said?

I ask you to take every day as an opportunity to learn one new thing. But, don’t just keep it to yourself. Pass that knowledge on to someone else. I’ve heard many times that Toastmasters is the best kept secret! Let’s remove that myth, spread the word and help others reap the benefits.

Change is a good thing. This year, we move forward with greater involvement in Social Media, a Revitalized Educational Program and online WebEx collaboration. Embrace these changes. Toastmasters International has evolved so much over the past 90 years, and you have been a big part of it. Your District Leadership Team is here to support your success. Allow yourself to grow this coming year as you work towards achieving your personal goals.

Sincere Regards,

Lana S McFarlane, DTM



Opportunity to attend TLI/Officers Make-up Training:

If you haven’t attended Officers/TLI Training yet, there are several opportunities to attend the Division Makeup Training on July 9, 15, 17, 21, and 28. Click here to see schedule detail and to register asap:


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2015 International Speech Contest Winners

First Place — Dr. Carlton Young, ACS

Second Place – Keith Schroder,  DTM

Third Place — Gwendolyn Calloway, CC


2015 Table Topics Contest Winners

First Place – Cheryl Harvey

Second Place – A.C. Chan, CC, ALB

Third Place – Keith Schroder, DTM