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The Nominating Committee present the slate of candidates for 2014-2015 District Office,


District Governor

Parren Shannon, DTM

Lt. Governor Education and Training

Lana McFarlane, DTM

Lt. Governor Marketing

Deeptha  Jayaratne, DTM

Lt. Governor Marketing

Vicki Noethling, DTM

Division A

Lindsey Jordan, DTM

Division A

Elaine Swain, ACB, ALB

Division B

Consuello Peek, ACB, ALB

Division C

Michael Johnson, DTM

Division D

Audrey Shedrick, ACB, ALB

Division E


Division F

Hissie Johnson, ACS, ALB

Division G


Division H

Lina Surianto, DTM

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Testimonial of Monika Gray-Payne I come from very humble beginnings.  I have experienced tragedies in my life that some could never imagine.   Within a 4 year span my brother was shot and killed, my son and daughter were murdered, my husband committed suicide and I found my mother dead.   I was devastated.  Trying to cope with my new reality, I created a habit of bottling my emotions inside.  This coping mechanism became my defense mechanism which lead me into depression.   I lost my "voice"...   Read More

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